Revit 2020 is Here — Between the Lines

The latest 2020 Autodesk releases are continuing to be announced, Revit 2020 just announced this morning.See what Harlan Brumm, Sasha Crotty, Ian Molloy, and Pawel Piechnik showed as some of the new features in in Revit 2020.”The Revit team is thrilled to release Revit 2020, incorporating improvements in Revit 2019.1 and Revit 2019.2. The release…

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The Easiest Way to Simplify Construction Safety Checklists — Connect & Construct

Completing construction checklists, whether for construction safety or quality inspections, can often be tedious. In fact, a typical OSHA safety checklist can include over 500 items on one list alone. Navigating through these lengthy checklists is made easier thanks to the recent enhancements to the look and feel of checklist templates and checklists in BIM 360. The…

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UK BIM Alliance – BS EN ISO 19650 Guidance — BIM, Construction and NBS

A free guide to the BS EN ISO 19650 series is now available:- BIM Alliance – BS EN ISO 19650 GuidanceThis guide has been produced by UK BIM Alliance in association with Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) and BSI.The guide sets the scene of why digital information management is important and what the rationale…

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Revit Tutorial – Type vs Instance Parameters

Autodesk Revit Structure

Been a little while since I posted a tutorial but this month I am going ‘back to basics’ to talk about Instance and Type Parameters and where to use them. I still find that many people are using OOTB families that are not suitable for certain modelling workflows. I will focus in on two specific families, Structural Openings and Structural Framing. The structural Openings will be created with a Generic model family that’s face based, this will be ideal for rectangular openings in walls, foundations, floors, beams etc. Let’s start by looking at the instance properties of Structural Framing. In the image below I have selected the UB section, notice that the Structural Material is instance based.

Revit 2020 - Structural Framing Instance Parameters

It may be more relevant if we made this a type parameter as the structural material needs only to be set once per family type. To do this you can simply edit the…

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